“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” – Henry Ford.

Nobody wants to fall into the trap of failing to learn from history but ask yourself this: can you remember exactly why you decided on one course of action over another this time last year? Itemise the specific facts, opinions and insights that led you to choose one option over another. And then present them to your boss with a concrete explanation of what happened so that you can repeat success or avoid making the same mistake twice? Making sense of your decision-making in the age of knowledge-sharing platforms and countless meetings is enough to bamboozle the sharpest mind. That’s where survey analysis and decision-tracking tools come in.



Recording the ‘black and white’ of outcomes is simple. Recording the grey area in between? Not so much. Sharp Surveys offers a simple, fast way to fill in the blanks and delve deeper into how and why decisions were made. The 3D Decision-Making tool helps you look at key decisions analytically, and then compare choices and decisions in a way that’s helpful for future projects.

Pinpoint all the contributing factors for every single decision

That means looking back at the data you used on each occasion to see what it can tell you. If that data is stored in spreadsheets, meeting notes and email threads it’s not terribly accessible or illuminating. Drawing conclusions from too much data is as time-consuming and frustrating as attempting to find meaning from ancient scribbles on a Post-it note. Our working memory simply isn’t up to the task of retaining so much complex information for long periods of time. So how do you celebrate or justify a decision if you can’t fully explain precisely what it was based on?

Enter the Sharp Surveys 3D Decision-Making tool

Tailor the tool to fit any scenario, from choosing the right team member for promotion to deciding which product to launch this quarter.  Choose the specific factors that need to be considered and weight them according to their importance to your decision. Then rank or score them, collaboratively or individually. Once a decision is locked in, Sharp Survey’s analytics lets users filter and interpret results in real time. All this data can be added to your corporate memory so you’ve got a great decision-making tool at your disposal and a versatile, powerful knowledge management storage facility.

Look back to move forward

Having access to all the data used in decision-making in one place gives value at the time of the decision and far beyond—you can go back months later to interrogate it. Sharp Surveys enables you to quickly evaluate decisions and identify decision-makers at a glance. Look back and discover who has consistently shown good judgement and foresight. See which factors correlate to good and bad outcomes on issues like hiring, training, procurement, and product feedback.

Health-check your company

Tracking business decisions using Sharp Survey’s data allows you to take the temperature of the whole organisation. How does the company risk correctly when finalising decisions: do we over- or underestimate risk? Having that knowledge to hand empowers us to adapt our strategies, identify weaknesses and take steps to improve the way we work.