When decisions aren’t reached, get deferred or are made but not actioned, you get what Forbes calls “the dreaded decision-drift.” You go to a meeting or have a conference call but a week later you’re scratching your head, wondering why nothing has happened or why what has bears little resemblance to the course of action you thought you all agreed on. You’re confused so you organise a follow-up meeting to get to the bottom of it but still get nowhere.


The decision-making process effectively grinds to a halt, the end goal becomes a dot on the horizon, and innovation is stifled. If you don’t have decision buy-in when you reach that initial conclusion, people are likely to go off and make subsequent calls based on their own views. They’re simply not engaged or motivated enough to act. You end up in a stalemate situation and a final decision becomes elusive. Fortunately, you can bypass decision drift and improve decision buy-in in one hit. With the Sharp Surveys 3D Decision-Making tool.

Here’s how.

Drive that final decision with process. And analytics.

To stop decision-drift you need two things: process and analytics. Otherwise, the decision-making process becomes too complex and stressful. People mentally check out because there’s no clear path to follow. Key players in the project end up poles apart in their interpretation of what was actually required in the first place, and the best way to achieve it.

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The Sharp Surveys app makes it easy to discover where drift might be happening so you can move projects forward.  The tool has a powerful yet simple user interface that quickly highlights points where everyone agrees, leaving you free to concentrate on the areas where there’s disagreement. Narrow the group’s focus and save time and energy.

But what if we still come to a 50/50 impasse?

If there really is an impasse and reconciling differences isn’t going to happen, all isn’t lost. You’ll know where disagreements lie and be able to discuss whether you can move forward without having complete consensus. With Sharp Surveys, you can weight different business factors in seconds and then decide if the various opinions on a specific issue are genuinely important to the overall conclusion. If the majority of our decision-making factors point in one direction and just a few relatively unimportant factors are preventing us from making a decision, Sharp Surveys will flag that up immediately. It becomes far easier to overcome nagging doubts and allows us to see the bigger picture and wider implications.

Finally, being able to clearly show the stakeholders their views have been heard, considered and factored into the final decision is a proven and powerful way of getting decision buy-in. Even those who disagree accept they had a voice and a chance to discuss their specific areas of concern. It’s much harder to block a decision reached as a community than one pushed down from high above.

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